Leopard Hunt

We are proud on our leopard hunt success, especially in the last years. As we have hunting rights in the best leopard areas of Namibia. Our success is of the best in Namibia.

We do hang up baits for big leopard in areas where we know that every 3 4 weeks a big leopard is roaming, but that gives us about 10% chance of getting one. We look for leopard tracks in good areas until we find a big, fresh track. Our experienced trackers will follow the track until we find a fresh kill. Every 3 days on average a leopard makes a kill. This way we normally have 80% success.


Many of the hunting areas are cattle ranches, with whom we have a good relation. These guys phone us when a calf is killed. As our hunting vehicles are all equipped with two way radios. We can attend to these kills very quick. After the cattle calving season, October to February, leopard kill the young of the different game species. On leopard hunts we always take our experienced trackers as well as foxterriers along, so if a leopard is wounded they can help us find the wounded leopard.

The hunt takes place from a comfortable mobile blind that is put up very quick and camouflaged into the surrounding.